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Your Purchase

We try to keep everything as simple as possible and our paperwork consists of 3 parts. Should you have any questions, queries or doubts, either before or after your purchase, please do ask and one of our sales advisors will be able to help.

The paperwork consists of:

Purchase Agreement

For the sale there is a Purchase Agreement, a bit like an invoice. Once you have paid it, the holiday home will be owned by you and you may remove it or take it elsewhere. Click here to view a copy.

Siting Agreement

To permit you to site your holiday home at the park you have selected, you will also sign a Siting Agreement which will set out the terms under which you can locate your holiday home at the park. Click here to view a copy.

Park Rules & Regulations

These are the rules that relate to the day to day occupancy and usage of your selected park and its facilities. Click here to view a copy.



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