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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the location of my holiday home?

Yes, you will be offered a choice of any available location on the park from which you can select the one that you prefer.

Do I own the land?

No. You are buying a holiday home with a right to occupy the pitch on the park. 

Can I move my holiday home to another pitch?

Yes you can, but all moves are subject to the manager's discretion.

Can I move my holiday home to another park?

Yes you can, but all moves are subject to the manager's discretion and a charge will be made for the cost of disconnection, transportation and connection.

Can I live in my holiday home?

No, this is not possible. John Fowler Holiday Parks operate 'Holiday Parks' not 'Residential Parks'. Your main residence must be away from the park. You may, of course, visit whenever you wish during the open season at the park your holiday home is sited on.

Is investing in a holiday home a good ‘financial’ investment?

A holiday home at a John Fowler Holiday Park really is a fantastic investment in your leisure time. It provides an enjoyable leisure lifestyle. We do offer programs such as subletting that can help offset the running costs, but holiday home ownership should not be viewed as an investment for the purpose of yielding an income. It is a great investment in your leisure lifestyle!  

What annual costs do I have to pay?

Pitch fees. These are inclusive of winter stoarge and payable in advance. Pitch fees are reviewed annually and customers will be notified of pitch fees for the coming season in December of the preceeding year.

What annual payment methods are available to me?

You can choose to pay in one lump sum at the basic invoice price, in 4 monthly instalments or you can spread the cost over 10 months when paid via Direct Debit.

Other than pitch fees, what other expenses are there?

Running costs for your holiday home include: 

Rates - General, Water and Sewage. A charge will be made during the year to offset the charges levied by the appropriate authorities.

Gas - Bottled gas is available for purchase as required and includes delivery and connection. Bottled gas is billed periodically in arrears. Piped gas will be metered and charged per litre, similar to any domestic dwelling. Piped gas is billed in November.

Will I need insurance?

Yes. All owners must be adequately covered by a suitable insurance policy. Most owners choose the recommended scheme which is especially designed for holiday home owners. You are, however, free to choose your own insurance provider provided that the cover meets our criteria and that a copy of the policy document is available to us.

Is there a Sub Let scheme?

Yes. Many ownerslike to offset their running costs by subletting their holiday home when they are not using it. We have an excellent sub-let scheme whereby we advertise, let and manage your holiday home on your behalf.

Can you provide finance for my purchase?

Yes. Subject to personal status, deposit criteria and application. A member of the sales team will be able to help you to select the right package and make an application.

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