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4 Simple Steps to Ownership

Deciding whether to buy your own holiday home is one that only you can make. There are 4 basic steps to purchase, we have detailed these below along with all the essential questions you should ask:


Step 1 - Decide on the right park for you and your family
  • Is the journey from your home to the park ok? 
  • Does the park have the right facilities for everyone in the family? 
  • What exclusive events are there for owners?
  • What does the local area have to offer?
  • How long is the park season?
Step 2 - Find the right holiday home for you
  • What does the holiday home cost?
  • What is included?
  • Are there finance packages available?
  • Does the holiday home offer everything I need for my home from home?  
  • How long can I keep my holiday home on the park?
Step 3 - Decide if the running costs are ok
  • What are the different running costs (water, gas, electric, sewage, insurance etc)?
  • How much are the site fees and when are they due?
  • Can we sub-let to help cover the costs?
Step 4 - Find a pitch that suits your holiday home
  • How do we know which pitches are available?
  • Do different pitches have different site fees?
  • How long will it take to site my holiday home?
  • Book a park visit to choose your perfect spot

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